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Our Yurt Cabins:

StoneWind’s eight luxurious yurt cabins, each built on a 40’ x 40’ deck with its own hot tub, are available in four configurations: The Sanctuary Suite, the Sunset Vista Suite, the Vista Yurts, and the Deluxe Yurts. While all of StoneWind’s yurt cabins have our signature hot tubs on the decks, the cabin type allows you to select degree of privacy, amenities, mountain views, and stylishness according to individual tastes and budgets.

sancutary suite bedroom

The Sanctuary Suite

The Sanctuary Suite, our most private and sensuously furnished yurt cabin, is on its own separate finger of StoneWind’s mountain. The Sanctuary Suite, with its carpet and tile floors, graceful furnishings and decor, including a custom king bed, plus extra special amenities, a private stone garden with a stone table, a second small breakfast deck with table and chairs, and soothing views of the mountains on four sides, is the ideal place for a romantic honeymoon, a sensual getaway, an anniversary celebration, or a very special rendezvous. Click here to learn more about our Sanctuary Suite!

Vista Yurts

The elegant Vista Yurts, on the same finger of the mountain as the Deluxe Yurts, are our second most private cabins. In addition to screening around the hot tub areas, and the extra private locations, each of the Vista Yurts has well-appointed furnishings, including a custom Queen Bed, additional amenities, surrounding garden areas with unique views of the mountains and of sunrises and sunsets. For another great choice for a honeymoon, an anniversary, or a romantic getaway Click here to learn more about our Vista Yurts!

Deluxe Yurts

The Deluxe Yurt cabins, with our signature hot tubs and great views of the mountains, have screening around the decks and hot tub areas, stylish furnishings, and ample amenities. The Deluxe Yurts are ideal for a romantic getaway, a vacation, or private time away from the stresses of daily life. Click here to learn more about our Deluxe Yurt Cabins!